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It Really is a Small World.

Ever played a game of Jewish Geography? Question your fellow Jew for long enough, you’ll eventually find a Jewish friend in common. That’s the connective power of Jewish community—something we experience every day at Chabad on Campus.

Our Chabad Houses kindle the hearts and minds of Jewish students at colleges around the world. They are hubs outside of the classroom where old friends and new friends become family. Each on-campus house is genuinely home to a rabbi, a rebbetzin, and their children. To you, it’s a home away from home, whether you’re non-practicing, somewhat observant or totally traditional.

A Family Dinner (Without the Guilt).

A homemade meal away at college is almost as rare as a Passover Seder without wine. Almost. We host joyful Shabbat dinners every week at our campus Chabad Houses. One festive night to put aside your stress and studies. To rest, rejoice and have a ball (maybe a matzo ball, too).

“I always make new friends at Chabad dinners. We already have so much in common.”
Isaac, 21.
Always Fun
Always Homemade
Always Generous

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See for yourself how Chabad on Campus is changing the face of Jewish student life.

Joyful, Relevant Judaism.

Times change. People grow. There’s innovation all around us. Our approach to Judaism stems from traditional values and blooms with the changing world. Forget any old-timey approach to Jewish life. No one puts bubbeleh in the corner.

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Programs, Trips and Jewish Tips.

College isn’t college without an experience. We offer that, and so much more. Uplifting programs like Pizza and Parsha. Enriching trips like IsraeLinks. Friends who share your acquired taste for gefilte fish. You can have it all.

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You Call it College. We Call it Home.

California, USA

Queensland, AUS

Oxford, UK
New-York, USA

For the Love of the Jewish Community.

Feeling homesick? Lost? Like there’s no place to belong? Your mom and dad may be miles away, but you still have a family on campus. Every Chabad House around the globe is run by a Rabbi and Rebbetzin. This warm and accessible husband and wife team are the heart of Chabad on Campus.
Mushkie, Shlucha, Adelphi University
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