Study Away Grant

Seize the Day. Study Away!

Jews are known as the people of the book. Scholarship is one of our many strengths, and Jewish wisdom has been enriching lives for millennia. 

If you would like to spend some time indulging in the wisdom of your beautiful heritage, we would love to help make that dream possible.

The Chabad on Campus Study Away Grant provides travel subsidies to a variety of Immersive Jewish Learning programs, including up to $350 for travel within North America and up to $1,000 for travel to Israel. 

Grants are facilitated in conjunction with your local Chabad on Campus Rabbi or Rebbetzin and subject to program guidelines and availability of funds.

Applications for 2024 are now closed.

Students telling their story

The teachers invite you in, and take the time to sit and learn on any topic at any level.

Yoni Aharoni, University At Albany

Chabad Contributes to Your Travel Costs

If the cost of travel is holding you back from furthering your Jewish studies, we may have a grant for you. Chabad on Campus offers a limited amount of Study Away Grants to help you on your way.


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