Sinai Scholars. Lifetime Leaders.

It all starts with a selective group of motivated college students. Add a dash of schmooze, a smidgen of self-discovery and a cool curriculum of Judaic classes taught by world-class educators. Bam! You’re among the next generation of passionate, informed Jewish leaders on campus and in your community. Coursework lasts eight weeks, but fellowship—and its benefits—last for life.

The Three Pillars of Sinai Scholar Society.


Study authentic Jewish theology in a modern, relevant context and find your voice in a discussion that spans three millennia.


Grow both personally and professionally through meaningful interaction with students and distinguished figures from all over the world.


Fellowship in Sinai Scholars Society is a gateway to knowledge, skills and influence. Your membership opens doors, for life.

You've Come a Long Way since Hebrew School.

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Sinai Scholars Society Courses

Examine the core elements of our vast, complex heritage from a modern Jewish perspective in this eight-session course, which covers Jewish thought, literature and practice.

Explore in four lessons the four major components that sustain and shape Jewish life: our book, our food, our bodies and the cycle of life.

Rohr Jewish Learning Institute’s “You Be the Judge,” puts you in the driver’s seat as you question, discuss and argue real Beit Din (court system of Jewish Law) cases using primary source texts from Talmud.

Pulsing with energy and mystery since the dawn of time, Israel has captured our imagination throughout history. In this course, we examine what Israel was meant to be and what it means to us today.

This six-session course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute investigates Tanya, the fundamental text of Chassidic thought. Discover new strategies for overcoming obstacles to progress with consultation from Tanya’s author, Rabbi Shneur Zalman.

This empowering, six-session course offers a revolutionary outlook on life, culled from the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.

Benefits & Requirements

Students who commit to Sinai Scholars Society find it’s challenging, yet rewarding. Members gain lifetime access to an ever-expanding network of fellow students, new friends and Jewish leaders from across the country. Members are also privy to unique events on campus and within the greater Jewish community. Additionally, a stipend is awarded to those who successfully fulfill the requirements. These include:

  • Attendance at all eight two-hour classes
  • Participation in at least three events including a Shabbat experience, a class retreat and a closing gala
  • Writing a one-page reaction paper about your experience in Sinai Scholars and how it has changed or developed your perspective on Jewish living
  • Writing a five-page (minimum) research paper on a topic presented in the course material Learn More

Am I Worthy?

Since there are limited spaces available, membership favors those who are most interested and motivated to complete the program. It doesn’t matter how observant you are or how much you know about Judaism, just that you want to learn and grow.

How to Apply

In addition to filling out an application, the process includes an interview with a course instructor. Once accepted into the program (Mazel Tov!), you’ll attend an orientation session to get prepped.

Mom Deserves Lifetime Bragging Rights.

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Make the most of your membership in Sinai Scholars Society both during and after college.

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