Revealing the Impact of Chabad on Campus

  • Why would the president of a multi-billion dollar company donate millions to a campus Chabad House?
  • Why does a young man raised in a Jewish but non-observant home in Argentina decide to give his new fintech company a very Jewish name?
  • What happens when a Chabad on Campus teams up with an Imam to combat antisemitism at their university?
  • How does an IDF soldier who saw his leg blown off in a terrorist attack find meaning and purpose touring college campuses?

These are the kinds of stories that fill the pages of QUAD, a beautiful new magazine highlighting the activity – and the impact! – of Chabad on Campus throughout the world.

There are so many Chabad House Directors* quietly going about their business and literally changing the world.

Rabbi Yossy Gordon, CEO, Chabad on Campus International.

*Chabad Houses are directed by couples, known as emissaries (Shluchim) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

We are proud to present QUAD to the public, where you can see for yourself how these remarkable people are changing the face of future Jewish generations.

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