Let’s Become Security Aware at the Kinus

Security is a fundamental aspect of life. It’s something we take very seriously. Throughout the Kinus this year there will be different interactive programs and workshops for you and your children that will help you enhance the security of your personal life and your Shlichus.


Chabad House Security
Join a hands-on security workshop and training this year at the Kinus to ensure that you’re prepared to protect yourself and your family.

Spiritual Safety
Each morning at the Kinus there will be an hour dedicated to learning Torah together with your fellow Shluchim & Shluchos. Don’t miss out on this incredible way to get inspired and bond with your Campus brothers and sisters.

Financial Security
Are you financially prepared for all stages of your family’s lifecycle?
This year at the Kinus we will have a practical Personal Finance seminar to help ensure that you are ready!

Child Safety
We will IY”H be bringing the “Safety Kids” program to the Kinus.
In this program, your children will learn about different ways to stay safe through fun and interactive workshops.

Internet Safety
Looking for a way to ensure internet safety in your home?
Dr. Yosef Shagalow will be speaking about internet safety for ourselves and our children and TAG, Technology Awareness Group, will be joining us onsite at the Kinus to install filters on your devices for a safer internet experience.

Don’t miss out! Registration closing on Monday, 15 Iyar / May 20.


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