How to Connect with and Thank Your Pesach Donors

Join a webinar with Jeff Brooks on Thursday, 11 Iyar / May 16, 1:00 PM EST
to learn how to thank your Pesach donors. Fundraising is not about asking for money.
It’s about connecting with others to create a world they want to see.
The words “Thank you” are magical. You can’t say “Thank you” enough to your wonderful donors!  Poor donor retention crisis is sinking many nonprofits,
and it might be a massive weight holding you back!

In this session we’ll look at how to acknowledge and thank your donors,
and show them that you appreciate them and that their giving makes a difference.
We’ll look at the art of writing thank you letters (through the mail and through email) that make them eager to keep giving.
We’ll also look at other ways to deepen that all-important connection.

Questions? Contact Elazar Green at

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