Another Reason You Should Attend the Kinus

This year at the Kinus we have invited a number of incredible
mentors for you to connect with and speak to.
They will be available throughout the entire Kinus for you to talk with personally.
Connecting with different mentors, coaches and therapists
can enhance many areas of your life.
Don’t miss out! Sign up for the Kinus¬†here.
*The Kinus is for full time Campus Shluchim & Shluchos only.

Full list of Mentors:
Rabbi Yisroel Deren
Rabbi Hesh Epstein
Rabbi Moshe Kesselman
Rabbi Mendel Lipskar
Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz
Dr. Dovid Schwartz Psyd, LCSW
Dr. Yosef Shagalow Psyd LP
Rabbi Eli Silberstein
Rabbi Shais Taub

Mrs. Gitty Bronstein LCSW
Mrs. Esther Cohen
Mrs. Vivi Deren
Rebbetzin Bassie Garelik
Mrs. Rivka Kromholz LMFT
Mrs. Shterni Wuensch Psychotherapist

*There will be a direct email sent to all Kinus attendees
with the link to reserve your time slot.

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