Registration is now closed for the March trips. Students who sign up now will be automatically waitlisted. We will reach out to waitlisted students should space become available.

 Please Note: LivingLinks follows all government health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of its participants. Currently, there are no restrictions on entering Poland or returning to the United States. If that changes, we will notify participants of the updated policies.

Explore our past and be inspired to shape our future.

The persecution of our tribe during the Holocaust, and how we live as Jews today, connects us with the future of our people. Chabad on Campus explores this vital connection during LivingLinks, an inspirational seven-day Poland trip for college students.

Eye-opening and life-changing, the weeklong journey traverses through cemeteries, death camps, ghettos and other vestiges of Jewish life and loss across Poland. It affirms the need for a strong Jewish presence in Israel and among the diaspora. It may even spark a desire to strengthen your own Jewish commitment.

Winter Trip #1
Dec. 25, 2022 - Jan. 1, 2023
Dec. 25, 2022 - Jan. 1, 2023
Spring Trip #1
March 12-19, 2023
Spring Trip #2
March 19-26, 2023

NOTE: All trips depart out of NYC unless otherwise noted.

Registration for winter trips is now closed, but spring trip registration remains open. Students who apply now for winter trips will automatically be waitlisted. We will reach out if there are any openings.


Only $499 for trips out of NYC (or £179 or €75 to join from Europe or the UK).
Only $649 for the trip out of Miami.

JewishU Special:
Enrolled in JewishU? Receive priority enrollment, $100 off your trip cost, & the option to use JewishU credits to cover your trip cost!

Fee includes airfare to Poland and all trip costs (food, lodging and travel) except tips to the local staff (bus driver, tour guides, etc.) and spending money. There’s a fully-refundable $150 security deposit, to be returned after you complete the trip and a post-trip survey. Actual cost is $2,500 per person. We are able to offer a highly-reduced cost thanks to the support from generous Chabad on Campus donors.



Depart from New York City on an overnight flight to Warsaw, Poland.



Explore the rich Jewish life existing in Poland prior to the Holocaust with a visit to the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery. We will also visit the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Monument, Ghetto Wall Fragments, Umschlagplatz and the Nozyk Synagogue.



Observe the unbreakable bonds of Torah study on a tour of Yeshivas Chochmei Lublin. From here, we will tour the well-preserved Majdanek Concentration Camp and visit the grave of Rabbi Elimelech of Lejansk (1717-1787), a founding Rebbe of the Chassidic movement.



Start your day touring the beautifully restored Lancut Synagogue before heading to Tarnow, where the flourishing Jewish community was completely decimated by the Nazis. We will also visit the forest of Zbilatowska Gora, where the Jewish men, women and children of Tarnow were murdered and buried in mass graves.



Delve into the illustrious history of Jewish Krakow, followed by a walking tour including Old Synagogue and Izaak Synagogue. Continue to the Plaszow Camp and Krakow Ghetto, home of the Schindler Factory made famous by Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster. Celebrate Shabbat at our hotel.



Join the local community for Shabbat Services followed by a much-needed rest or an optional walking tour of the Wawel Royal Castle and Old Town. We usher out Shabbat with a Havdalah service, followed by a walk in Krakow Old Town Square.



A palpable reminder of the full horror of the extermination of 1.5 million Jews, we tour Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau.

The above is a sample itinerary. Actual itinerary will vary from trip to trip.


This trip is open to all Jewish students, whether affiliated or not. It is also open to those interested in furthering their Jewish education. All classes and readings will be in English.

No. The trip is intended to be an educational experience.

Yes. While the majority of participants are undergrads, eligible graduate students are welcome to join.

This trip is for current students.

No. The trip itinerary is very full. While students will have built in free time, it will be within the framework of a tight schedule. In addition, due to security concerns, students must remain with the group at all times.

Your safety is our number one priority. Our program does not travel to or through certain higher risk areas. We will be accompanied by an armed guard for the entire duration of the trip. We also monitor safety updates and we will cancel or modify specific trips as needed.

There will be rolling acceptance, based on eligibility. We endeavor to process all applications within three weeks.

If you are accepted to the program, you will be notified about how to proceed with submitting your payment and confirming your place. Be sure to follow those steps to secure your place.

Students need valid passports. American, Canadian, Australian and United Kingdom citizens (and many others) do not need visas. If you do require a visa, you will need to contact our office to arrange the necessary documents. Your passport will need to be valid for at least six months from the date of your return to the U.S.

The $499 fee covers room, board, food, and all activities. There will also be a minimal fee for tips for the local staff ($50).

There will be WIFI in all of the places we stay. You can also check with your local cell provider about international roaming plans.

Thank you for applying! The acceptance committee will now review your application. If selected, we will notify you to schedule a Zoom interview. If you were to be accepted, you will receive an email detailing how to make your payment and confirm your spot.

There are many factors that the acceptance committee takes into consideration, including but not limited to: demographic, school, quality of applicant, involvement in local Chabad and references.

No. Students are responsible for making their own way to and from the departure airport (NY or Miami).

We will arrange itinerary and ticketing for students from outside of North America on an individual basis.

All students must be at the airport four hours before departure. If you are flying to your departure city, make sure your flight is scheduled to arrive with plenty of time to spare in case of delays.

No. If you have a unique situation, please get in touch with our office.

Yes. We follow all relevant safety guidelines and procedures. There are currently no warnings or advisories about travel to Poland. We will not hesitate to modify or change our itinerary if there are any security concerns.


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